Our experience with Hyperbaric Healing Institute was awsome!!  Prior to receiving treatments, Peyton was unable to walk or verbalize.  He knew around 50 signs but rarely used them.  At 2 years old, this was very frustrating for him as well as us.  Having Down Syndrome, as well as other physical and mental issues, we had grown accustomed to slow progress.  However, after the first week of treatments, we were shocked to see Peyton taking independent steps.  He began standing on his own as well as walking as far as 10 ft. on his own.  His physical abilities weren’t the only things in which we saw improvements.  Peyton began vocalizing more than ever.  Just 3 months after completion of treatments, he is walking as far as he wants on all types of surfaces, including stairs and rough terrain.  He vocolizes so much sometimes we wish he would just be quiet!!! 🙂  He is USING over 75 signs and is trying to imitate every sign that is taught to him.  He has also been free of illnesses since treatments.

All of this is great progress for Peyton.  We have seen a complete turn around in just a short time of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments.  He is a totally different boy.  We hope to take another round of treatments in the near future.

Thanks again for the awsome work you and your staff do!

Crystal B.


My daughter, Halie (8) is a pretty impressive little girl who happens to have Down Syndrome.  She is very social but her speech continues to keep her from being understood by her peers.  We began HBOT not exactly knowing what to expect.  After the 7th treatment, we noticed her talking more than ever!  She is initiating conversations and some of her sentences now begin with “Actually…”, “When I grow up…”, “Remember when…”.  When asked a question she responds with “let me think.”  In just 2 weeks, Halie is showing maturity and greater independence. She has gotten up and dressed herself without prompts and seems to be sleeping better.  She seems more alert and focused and over all content with herself.  Halie began to read a couple of months ago, before HBOT we had to read together, now she is picking up a book and reading it to herself!


Josie (Halie’s Mom)

Olathe, Kansas