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These patient testimonials are selected from a group of similar patients.  We utilize one or more cases, that represent what we have observed to be a “typical” outcome for that particular diagnosis.


Jamie S. -Post COVID-19
Omaha, NE

I had a vaccine injury in mid-October, then had COVID in mid-November. I had mild symptoms with COVID and was only sick with fever, cough, fatigue, and lost sense of taste/smell. I recovered fully and went back to my life in December. Then in January started experiencing long-haul COVID symptoms. By late February I was in bed with extreme anxiety/fatigue and barely eating. By the time I started HBOT on Monday, March 28th I was in bad shape. I had lost a lot of weight and the car ride from Omaha, NE to Kansas City made me very ill. I got to the hotel room and had to lay in bed immediately, I could not help my husband unload the car. I was very dizzy and weak.


Immediately after the first HBOT session I had more energy, was hungry, had less anxiety, and drove the car for the first time in a month.  I slowly improved over the course of the 25 sessions that I did. My biggest wins were NO FATIGUE, NO ANXIETY, my tachycardia is greatly improved, I have no aches/pains in my joints, I’m not dizzy/nauseous and my chest tightness is so much better. I’ve put on weight, which is a huge win.  I could not walk to the end of my driveway before I began my treatment and now can walk up to 3 miles a day with no setbacks as of yet. I was able to spend Easter with my family which is such a gift. I could not have done any of this without HBOT. I now have to work to get back to my old life and increase my strength/endurance. I have been home from treatment for a week and have not seen any relapse.


Thank you for making this possible.

Malakai S. -Anoxic Brain Damage
Kansas City, MO

Malakai was born 4 weeks early and in grave condition. He had a loss of oxygen during delivery for a significant amount of time. With that being said he was a sick little guy. He spent 26 days in the NICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital. During our stay in the hospital, they ran EEG, MRI, Catscan, EMG, X-Rays, and a whole kit and a caboodle of other tests. These tests showed that Malakai had severe cerebral palsy. He had no brain activity on the front or left side of his brain. His diagnosis was hard to swallow when he was completely healthy before delivery. I was going to do everything in my power to help him live a full life. They said he would never crawl, walk, jump, run, etc. When I brought him home he had a feeding tube, never cried, never opened his eyes or any other ‘normal’ baby things. At 31 days old I took my little baby boy to Hyperbaric Healing Institute to start treatments. Every morning for one month we suited him up for a dive. He was the smallest one that had been treated at the time. I held him while we just put his whole body in the hood. I wish I had taken pictures of him at the time. Within two weeks of the dives, we saw huge progress. I was able to wean him off of his feeding tube, he was opening his eyes on a regular basis, and he began crying, all of these things were miracles happening right before our eyes! We continued to do the dives until Malakai was two years old and at that point, we felt that Malakai had recovered almost 100% from his brain injury. Today, Malakai is an active little boy that runs, jumps, plays, everything that a ‘normal’ six-year-old would do. Don’t get me wrong that these hyperbaric treatments will heal you completely. Every person is different and the sooner after the incident happens that you get to do the treatments the better your chances of recovery are. Malakai also has done a lot of physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy and he still actually is in a couple of those therapies at this time. But, without the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, I honestly do not think he would be as successful as he is today.  -Jessica, Malakai’s awesome mom!


Christian -Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder

Christian suffered a stroke in utero which resulted in global brain damage and multiple brain bleeds. His diagnoses are cerebral palsy, epilepsy, cortical blindness, and mental/physical disabilities. He needs assistance with everything and uses switches and 4 signs to communicate. We started Christian at 2 yrs old with HBOT and intense physical therapy at HHI. Christian has had seizures every day since 6 months old. He has tried 7 meds and none worked. We hoped that HBOT would help and anything else he gained was the icing on the cake.


At 2 years old, he was treated with 40 dives (4 weeks) and intense physical therapy for 3 weeks. The first week he had a day of only 3 seizures, the next day  2, and the next day he had no seizures! This was amazing. He was having 6-9 a day when we came. We had never been able to experience our son and what he was like not having seizures. If nothing else, this alone was worth getting him HBOT.


At the end of 4 weeks, these are the improvements we saw:


Better head and trunk control.

He could sit up straighter in his wheelchair which made it easier for us to feed him.

He is using his arms to prop himself up. He did not even realize he could do this before.

He is able to take about 15 steps now and lasts longer in a standing position. He could only take about 5 prior to HBOT. He is more vocal. He is responding to us with his voice. He did not do this at all before coming.

Our second round was 4 months later. We had about 37 dives. In between our last visit and this second one we had big improvements. Christian’s “big” seizures stopped. He was having 3-to 4 of those a day. So when we got here those had stopped but he still had little ones where his head would bounce and they lasted only seconds but multiple times a day. At the end of 4 weeks of HBOT treatment, we saw these improvements:


Christian’s “bouncy” seizures stopped!

He started looking to the left. He would never look to the left before this round of treatment.

Standing and walking longer. His balance while standing is much better.

He is able to chew his food better. He struggled with that before treatments.

He responds to me playing with him and talking to him. He acknowledges us with smiles and vocalizes.

Our third round of treatments, we did 32 dives. The biggest improvement I saw was in his walking. He has always “scissored” his legs while walking. After about 9 dives, he could take about 6 steps without scissoring. This is a huge thing for him. He was also averaging about 50 steps, up from 15.


We are very happy with Hyperbaric Healing Institute and the treatment and care they provide. Using the bigger chamber is easier and more comfortable for our son. I hope that our experience helps you make a choice on whether to participate in HBOT.

Ken -Stroke

Dear David and Lisa,


We wish to tell you how grateful we are that you’ve set up such a great healing “institute.”  Ken is making great progress in some areas and continues to improve generally.  His friends from the therapy rehab facility are amazed at his recovery.  The therapist can’t believe his progress (& want to know more about it).  They’ve questioned him extensively.  His doctor thinks he looks younger-among other things.  Our kids see a lot of differences in him – not only physically but in other areas. “Dad you aren’t so “flat” You have more zest – You are more with it – You’re walking better.” We send out our most heartfelt thanks for all the help.  We appreciate your kindness.  Keep up the good work.




Alice & Ken

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.34.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.42.20 PM.png

Caden -Tramatic Brain Injury

On March 5, 2010 Caden suffered TBI as a result of child abuse, he suffered life threatening injuries and although survived our lives our forever changed.  He can no longer walk, talk, eat, sit up, roll over.  We were so desperate to find anyway to help our precious now 4 year old grandson.  We were referred to Hyperbaric Healing Institute by a therapist who had seen previous children attend these treatments and seen significant changes.


We have done our first set of 40 treatments.  The results of these treatments are truly amazing.  When we came back home, we came back with a different child.  Caden has now developed a regular sleeping pattern, which is huge for all of us.  He is so calm, he used to cry all the time now seldom cries.  His attention span has greatly improved.  He now smiles and laughs.  The most significant improvement is in his vision at the time of injury, he was diagnosed with permanent optic nerve damage and we were not given much hope of that ever-improving. He has had improvement in both optic nerves and looks at you when you walk in the room, watches his dogs run by, and loves his favorite cartoons.  He is working now on sitting up and rolling over.  His muscle contraction is much better and used to cry during his range of motion exercises, now he completes these exercises several times usually without any resistance.  His therapists can now work on new goals because he has met several goals set at his original evaluation.  Although we have a long road ahead of us, we have hope and faith and with the help of the Deister family and hyperbaric chamber treatments we know Caden’s recovery has just begun.

Cheryl (Caden’s grandmother)

Cappi -Multiple Sclerosis
Kansas City, MO

I experienced my first Multiple Sclerosis symptoms in November 1994 with an official diagnosis in the summer of 1995.  I have tried several forms of treatment but none as successful or effortless as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  During my research of various treatments for MS, I read of a woman in England who raved about the success of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) for herself and for all those struggling with the effects of MS in Europe.  I was unsuccessful at locating an HBOT chamber in the Midwest or the nation that would treat a person with MS at that time, and so I surrendered the idea of ever experiencing HBOT.


When I first began HBOT, I had been bothered for years with severely numb toes.  I had a blurry spot on my left eye as a result of an MS attack from over a year before, as well as balance problems and bladder control issues.  The day following my very first treatment I regained the feeling in all of my toes.  Within a few weeks of treatment, my balance had improved dramatically, the sense of urgency with my bladder had subsided, and my eyesight was fully restored with an added benefit of deeper sleep through the nights.  Though HBOT is not the cure for MS, the dramatic results it has had on my health has been far superior to anything I could have hoped for or have experienced with any of the other treatments I have tried, or even heard of.  I am able to maintain these improvements with weekly to monthly treatments.


Due to a congenital condition, I had my right hip replaced on April 15, and my left hip replaced on November 10.  I was able to begin HBOT as soon as I left the hospital in November and it made a dramatic difference in my recovery as opposed to the recovery of my right hip replacement.  The side effects of the anesthetic were greatly diminished – I felt more like myself within a week, versus the months of anguish I experienced after the first surgery.  HBOT enabled me to experience a deeper, more restful sleep and expedited the healing process, including the healing of the actual incision.  The treatments have also loosened my muscles that previously were unable to stretch due to pain.  This enabled me to have a more normal gait.


The Hyperbaric Healing Institute has truly been a godsend.  It has given me hope for a healthier life and has blessed me with some true friendships.  Thank you David and Lisa!  I fear I will never be able to express my sincere gratitude for the sacrifices you have made to establish this service!

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.39.28 PM.png
aut puzzle 2.png

Craig -Autism 

I recommend HBOT unequivocally for anyone with autism and/or cerebral palsy because it has brought me so many wonderful results.  After just 40 treatments, my whole body is much more relaxed, my proprioceptive system has turned on, my vision development has jumped ahead – my glasses are half their former prescription – and speech is coming much more easily to me.  I am much happier and calmer than before HBOT.  Am I recovered? Not yet.  But HBOT has greatly enhanced the quality of my life.  Thanks, Dave, Lisa, and the rest of the staff!

Tom A. -Lyme Disease 

Towards the end of August, I broke out in a strange rash all over my abdomen while working at the Iowa State Fair. I thought nothing of it at the time and started my fall semester at the University of Iowa.  Shortly after the semester had started I began to struggle academically. I was having trouble completing my assignments on time and I was always tired. As time went on that semester I began to have real issues with focus. It didn’t matter where I was studying, I could not concentrate to save my life. Everything was taking me longer and longer to complete. I managed to pull through that semester with good grades but it took all that I had to give. So I rested up and began my spring semester.

My memory grew worse and worse to the point I had finally given up on classes that required pure memorization and began to focus just on my chemistry classes. I had straight A’s in all my classes at the time until the last four weeks of the semester when I had to drop out due to sheer exhaustion. I was not able to study for my finals and ended up doing very poorly on all my finals and earned lower grades in all my classes.


I would be writing volumes if I discussed all the events that took place with me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am going to focus on what happened after I received my diagnosis of Lyme Disease (Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria name Borrellia bergdorferi or Bb that has a spirochete shape because they look like little corkscrews). I had the disease for over two years and was in sad shape when I was finally diagnosed. During the time prior to my diagnosis my son and I had to move back in with my parents so they could help take care of him while I tried to identify what was going on with my health.


The Doctor that diagnosed the disease started my treatment by placing me on a very aggressive antibiotic regimen. Slowly but surely I began to feel better. My memory started coming back along with my physical stamina but my cognitive abilities were still suffering. I could not sit down and read or even do basic calculations such as balancing my checkbook without having to take a three-hour nap as a consequence. Dr. Drisko of KuMed (the doc who diagnosed me) felt that hyperbaric oxygen therapy would be of tremendous benefit to me in ridding my body of the Lyme spirochetes, in addition, to aiding in the healing process from all the damage that the disease had caused.


I contacted the owner of Hyperbaric Healing Institute about scheduling treatments. David conveyed to me that HBOT was not the answer by itself but an effective adjunct to antibiotic therapy. The first and third weeks of the first series of treatments were the absolute worse. I experienced very intense Jarish-Herxheimer reactions (worsening of symptoms caused by the bacteria dying off, releasing toxins into your system and your immune system goes into overdrive to deal with the increased level of toxins) that left me feeling like I had been beaten up.


By the end of the first series, I felt much better. I was thinking clearly again and I even competed in a seven-mile race back in my home state of Iowa (“The Bix” was the race if anyone was wondering) where I finished with a time of 51 minutes. I continued on to do a second series of treatments for five weeks during that summer.


In total, I did 98 sessions during that time period. Those sessions were worth all the time and money that my family and I placed into them. Many people struggle to deal with the effects of Lyme disease, especially after someone has dealt with it untreated for so long. I am lucky to say that my life is getting back on track. I am going to school in the fall. I can study, concentrate for long periods of time, no longer distracted easily, and most importantly I have been able to resume my role as an attentive father. I owe a great deal of my recovery to Hyperbaric Healing Institute. Without this therapy, I could not have come as far as I have in such a short period of time.

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 4.16.36 PM.png

Elena -Tramatic Brain Injury and Spech Apraxia

I wish I had heard about HBOT 5 years ago because it has changed our lives!  My daughter Elena, now 5, suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and anoxia at birth.  She has low muscle tone and severe dysphasia; she has never been able to swallow or close her lips together.  Elena has worked hard a recovery her whole life.  When we went to Hyperbaric Healing Institute in October, she could clench her teeth, but she was stuck there.  She just didn’t have the neurological connections to close her lips together, which is necessary for swallowing.  After a week of HBOT, she looked at me and closed her lips.  She started eating a tablespoon of pureed food at a time.  It is now March, and she is eating 3-5 cups of pureed food per day.  Her speech pathologist made this statement in a recent evaluation:  “Elena received hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and the changes were amazing… These changes occurred in one month’s time when we had been working on them in speech and language therapy for 12-18 months.”


I have also noticed improvements in Elena’s muscle tone, attention span, and energy levels.  While these improvements are harder to quantify, they impact our quality of life in ways I can’t begin to describe.


In addition to HBOT being a miraculous therapy for Elena, Hyperbaric Healing Institute is a wonderful clinic!  The Deisters are warm, caring people who really go the extra mile!  They helped me research Hyperbarics and find local practitioners, and they made living away from home a more comfortable experience.


-Joan (Elena's mom)

Alan -Oral Surgery

I was in discussion with my doctor about surgery to correct some problems resulting from cancer I had when I was a child. He informed me that hyperbaric oxygen therapy was necessary in preparation for surgery due to the high amounts of radiation I was exposed to. He was afraid the capillaries and blood vessels in my mouth would not support a major operation.


After 20 sessions I had my surgery, which included removing bone from my hip and inserting it into my upper jaw for reconstruction and sinus lifts. My doctor told me afterwards that the therapy had done exactly what it was supposed to do. It greatly increased the blood flow to my mouth, which allowed the operation to be performed, I also underwent 10 sessions after my surgery, which greatly increased my healing process. I was walking without assistance 4 days after bone was taken out of my hip and was eating solid food a week after the bone was put into my jaw. And one of the best things about it all, my insurance covered 100% of the hyperbaric therapy.


I was skeptical at first about the therapy because I really didn’t know much about it. The staff at HHI (Hyperbaric Healing Institute) was very helpful and caring, and made my treatments enjoyable. There was never a time when I felt uncomfortable or had unanswered questions.


I am looking forward to returning to HHI for therapy before my next surgery.

genetic 2.jpg

Peyton -Down Syndrome

Our experience with Hyperbaric Healing Institute was awesome!!  Prior to receiving treatments, Peyton was unable to walk or verbalize.  He knew around 50 signs but rarely used them.  At 2 years old, this was very frustrating for him as well as us.  Having Down Syndrome, as well as other physical and mental issues, we had grown accustomed to slow progress.  However, after the first week of treatments, we were shocked to see Peyton taking independent steps.  He began standing on his own as well as walking as far as 10 ft. on his own.  His physical abilities weren’t the only things in which we saw improvements.  Peyton began vocalizing more than ever.  Just 3 months after completion of treatments, he is walking as far as he wants on all types of surfaces, including stairs and rough terrain.  He vocalizes so much that sometimes we wish he would just be quiet!!! He is USING over 75 signs and is trying to imitate every sign that is taught to him.  He has also been free of illnesses since treatments.


All of this is great progress for Peyton.  We have seen a complete turnaround in just a short time of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments.  He is a totally different boy.  We hope to take another round of treatments in the near future.


Thanks again for the awesome work you and your staff do!


Crystal (Peyton's mom)

Zavi -Developmental Delays

Zavier (Zavi) had a rough start to life. After developing pulmonary hypertension at 1 day old he was place on ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation) to allow his lungs time to heal. The extreme measures to save Zavi’s life left him with a multitude of obstacles to overcome. He has since been diagnosed with hearing loss, developmental delays, hypotonia, persistent vomiting, and chronic kidney disease to name a few.


Before coming to the Hyperbaric Healing Institute, Zavi’s communication skills were basically limited to sign, with a few emerging spoken words. Although he knew a lot of sign language his expressive communication was limited. He rarely used more than one sign at time and it was very basic; “more” or “drink”. He was not really using communication to tell us his needs. Zavi’s eating and drinking skills regressed when he was 1 ½ years; shortly after receiving a G-button. Since that time his eating has been limited to what I can only describe as tastes and the minimal drinking he does results in a lot of drooling.  Zavi’s low tone has hindered his physical development tremendously. At 4yrs old he is still unable to walk or stand independently. He uses his walker fairly well, but tires quickly.


We came to HHI in June when Zavi was 4yrs old and now wish we had come sooner! The first change we noticed was within the first week. Zavier’s appetite had increased dramatically. Before he would take a couple of days to eat a 1oz bag of chips, all of the sudden he was eating two and three bags a day! By the end of the second week, we noticed that his stamina was increasing. He was able to walk better and for longer distances in his walker. He also began walking with one had support while using the wall or furniture with his other hand for balance. Zavi also began talking more. It seemed like he was picking up a new word every day and not only signing, but vocalizing the words. He also began combining words, to form short sentences; “mom swim pool please”.


While in Kansas City a few of my cousins came up to visit. My cousin Julie had last seen Zavi in April and was amazed at how much his speech had increased and improved. After returning home, my parents who had seen him last in May were also amazed at his improvements. Everyone that sees him comments on his enhanced speech!


We continue to see improvements with Zavi everyday and are so thankful to everyone at HHI! We cannot wait to bring Zavier back down for another round of treatments. We are so excited to see the great things he will do!

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 4.57.04 PM.png

* Disclaimer:  In Full Support of the FDA., Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for indications other than the UHMS-approved indications is considered Off Label. The content and information provided within this site are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before pursuing any form of medical treatment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The Information provided on this site is not to be considered Medical Advice. Please consult with your Treating Medical Physician.

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