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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a method of administering 100% oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure, to a patient, in order to improve or correct conditions.  By providing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, we are able to deliver 10-15 times more oxygen than if delivered at sea level or at normal atmospheric levels. Some of the benefits of HBOT are:  Promotes the growth of new blood vessels, decreases swelling and inflammation, Deactivates toxins, Increases the body’s ability to fight infections, and Improves the rate of healing.  HBOT should be used to complement conventional therapies and treatments.​

  •  HBOT is safe.

  • HBOT is noninvasive.

  •  HBOT works well with other treatments.

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The clinical application of hyperbaric medicine is based upon a series of mechanisms that occur when oxygen is breathed under increased atmospheric pressure (HBOT).  Essentially, these beneficial mechanisms do not occur at the same therapeutic degree during the administration of oxygen, under the standard “one-atmosphere” conditions (or non-HBOT conditions).  The beneficial mechanisms of HBOT are:


  • Antimicrobial - Providing an increased amount of available oxygen to the body during HBOT treatments helps to kill bad bacteria. The additional oxygen helps to strengthen the body’s immune system function and improve its ability to fight off foreign organisms.

  • Direct Pressure - Increased compression of oxygen, elevates the levels in the body. Oxygen molecules compress proportionately to the amount of pressure that is exerted on them.  By increasing pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen/gas bubbles in the body are reduced in size.

  • Hyper-Oxygenation - Administering higher than normal concentrations of oxygen provides immediate benefit to tissues with compromised blood flow.  When combined with increased pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, a 10 to 15-fold increase in oxygen concentration can be obtained.

  • Mass Action of Gases - Providing the body with increased levels of oxygen under increased barometric pressure in a hyperbaric chamber, quickly eliminates other gases, and decreases or eliminates the effects of harmful gases. 

  • Neovascularization - The body’s response to being under HBOT conditions, is the growth of new blood vessels.  As new capillaries/vessels form, oxygen-appropriate blood flow is reestablished to damaged, or deficit areas.

  • Vasoconstriction - HBOT reduces inflammation and edema and allows for proper blood flow.  In cases where blood vessels are damaged, HBOT keeps tissues viable by providing high concentrations of dissolved oxygen, via other bodily fluids, such as blood plasma.

* Disclaimer:  In Full Support of the FDA., Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for indications other than the UHMS-approved indications is considered Off Label. The content and information provided within this site are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before pursuing any form of medical treatment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The Information provided on this site is not to be considered Medical Advice. Please consult with your Treating Medical Physician.

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